Wednesday, September 27, 2023

World Cup 2022

World Cup final

Argentinian football fans around the world are celebrating following the team’s victory over France in what was one of the most exhilarating World Cup finals in the competition’s history.

But for French fans, it was disappointment and sorrow as their team came so close – but ultimately failed – to win two consecutive World Cups.

On the streets of Buenos Aires, the celebrations reflect the elation – but also the relief – of what was an incredibly stressful match. The joy people shared in the first half quickly turned to silence in the second – and many had their heads in their hands, unable to watch the penalties by the end.

But now, hundreds of thousands of Lionel Messi’s, all with their number 10 shirts, are on the streets across the country celebrating their footballing legend and the winning team.

Barbeques have been started up and street sellers have been grilling Argentine steaks while fireworks go off in the middle of the city. The party has only just started and will likely continue in style until the early hours.

This was a victory that Argentina didn’t just want to win – but needed to win. The country has been been battered economically – soaring inflation means Argentinians often struggle to make ends meet at the end of every month.

One woman, Eli, was fighting back the tears when she said that this World Cup had given her a chance to feel happy, to feel united.

But it’s also united the region. Normally Argentina’s neighbour Brazil is its biggest football rival, but those rivalries have been swept aside. The pride is palpable among South Americans that Argentina was able to take this cup back from France.

World Cup 2022