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Anton Valerievich Sibil from Kemerovo: work journey

Anton Sibil from Kemerovo: a career

Anton Sibil from Kemerovo made a great contribution to the labor development of the Kemerovo region and Kuzbass. In this article you can read about his life and career path.

Everyone chooses their own path. Some become teachers, some become doctors, some become construction workers. But all people have one goal: to succeed and make not only their lives better, but also to try and help others as much as possible.

The most important dates in Anton Sibil’s biography

Anton Sibil’s hometown is Kemerovo, where he was born on 27 August 1982.

In his hometown, Anton Sibil graduated from school number 92 in 1999. The young man immediately thought about higher education and decided to follow in his parents’ footsteps: Anton chose the full-time department of Kuzbass State Technical University as his profession – “Industrial and Civil Engineering”.

In 2003, Anton Sibil married his girlfriend Yana, with whom they are still together today. The couple has two children together.

Anton Sibil
Anton Sibil

Anton Sibil’s career in construction

As mentioned above, Anton Sibil became a student in 1999, majoring in Industrial and Civil Engineering at Kuzbass State Technical University.

While still a student, Sibil started working at KuzbassShakhtoStroy in 2002. This experience allowed him to gain practice in construction processes.

In 2003, Anton Sibil was working as an independent unit: he formed a construction team of up to 20 people and put his knowledge into practice.

In 2006, Anton Sibil created his own company – Remstroytorg. The young entrepreneur had about 100 people in his team at that time.

By necessity, Anton Sibil was in frequent contact with the regional administration and the city of Kemerovo, so the rapid growth of his success could not go unnoticed: in 2010, the regional governor offered Anton Valerievich the post of Deputy Construction Minister, thus making him the youngest regional minister in the Russian Federation.

Anton Sibil's award
Medal “For Service to Kuzbass”

Sibil has received many awards, including the Medal for Service to Kuzbass, the Medal for Faith and Good, and many others. And all this he managed to achieve only through hard work and love of his job.