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Anton Sibil. Life and Family

Anton Sibil. Life and Family

The youngest Honorary Builder of Kuzbass, Candidate of Technical Sciences, graduate of the Presidential Management Program with a red diploma – all this about Anton Sibil. And this is just the case when a man’s status is based solely on his work and efforts.

Family and personal life of Anton Sibil

Anton Sibil was born into a family of ordinary construction workers in Kemerovo on August 27, 1982. By that time his parents were already raising an older brother and sister.

Since his childhood, Anton Sibil was inculcated with diligence, responsibility and desire for self-fulfillment. Therefore, after graduating from high school №92 and entering the Kuzbass State Technical University, specializing in industrial and civil construction in 1999, Anton Valerievich took a job in a “Magistral-Auto driving school ” first watchman, and then the instructor for retraining in the category of “A” – motorcycle driving. In 2002, he changed his place of work to the wholesale and retail trading company Elis.

The combination of work and full-time studies often interferes with student activity. But Anton Sibil’s diligence allowed him to combine everything successfully. At university, he did not refuse any activities and took on the functions and responsibilities of the head of the group, the head of the finance committee and the head of the trade union.

Anton Sibil - the youngest Honorary Builder of Kuzbass

Anton Sibil’s personal life is also not without attention. In 2003, he married a girl, Yana.

In 2008, Anton Sibil graduated with a red diploma from the Presidential Management Program.

In memory of Anton Sibil’s father

In 2004, a tragic event occurred in Anton Sibil’s family. His father, Valery Mikhailovich Sibil, passed away at the age of 51 from a heart attack. From that moment on Anton’s shoulders the burden of responsibility for his large family. He has to help his mother, who is left alone. He also helped his sister, who works as a cashier in a store, and his brother, at that time an ordinary doctor. But no matter how hard it is, Anton Sibil coped with the vicissitudes of fate with dignity, giving all his strength to develop and grow.

Much later, in memory of his dearly loved father, Anton Sibil built a chapel. It was built in Kemerovo next to his father’s grave. Construction began in October 2011. And on May 22, 2012, the Chapel of St. Nicholas was consecrated by Aristarkh Bishop of Kemerovo and Novokuznetsk.

Sibil Anton built a chapel in Kemerovo

Anton Sibil’s achievements and awards

Through hard work and faith in his cause, Anton Sibil reached the heights and worked for the good of his city.

  1.  He took his region into the lead in the commissioning of square meters of living space.
  2. Anton Sibil has included the region in many federal funding programs.
  3. Built a military unit from scratch, which became a model for the whole country. Awarded the medal “For Special Contribution to the Development of Kuzbass”. It holds an honorable second place throughout Russia to this day.
  4. He built a chapel in honor of his father, entirely at his own expense, and then gave it to the Orthodox Church.
  5. He received a diocesan medal “For Service to the Russian Orthodox Church in Kuzbass” III degree.
  6. Anton Sibil was awarded the medal “For Service to Kuzbass”.
  7. Awarded the Order of the Kemerovo region “For the arrangement of the land of Kuznetsk.
  8. He received the title “Honorary Builder of Kuzbass”.
  9. Awarded the medal “For Faith and Kindness”.