Friday, March 24, 2023

Anton Sibil: helping an orphanage and other achievements

Anton Sibil from Kemerovo: a career

Sometimes children are left without parents or close relatives. This becomes a tragedy for them. Children end up in an orphanage and start a new life.

Sibil Anton Valerievich and helping the orphanage

What is an orphanage? It is a roof over our heads, normal food, good quality clothes, even toys and technical innovations given by patrons and volunteers. There are caring teachers, fun holidays, and faithful friends. But the most important thing is missing – parental love! And the children need it so much! The feeling of security is probably the most important thing in childhood.

Every responsible citizen should visit orphanages and help orphans. Anton Valeryevich Sibil is just such a decent citizen of the Russian Federation. Orphans are deprived of the most important thing for a child – the care of their parents, while orphans must grow up to be normal and productive citizens in order to complement our society well and effectively.

Anton Valerievich Sibil repeatedly visited orphanages in the Kemerovo region. At his own expense Anton Sibil bought toys, stationery, coloring books, clothes and much more for the children. Here you can watch a video about one of Anton’s visits to the orphanage.

Anton Sibil: achievements, merits and awards 

Anton Valeryevich Sibil is quite a well-known resident of Kemerovo. Holder of the title “Honorary Builder of Kuzbass” and the youngest regional minister of construction in the Russian Federation.

Anton Sibil achieved the main successes in construction, to which he dedicated his life. He began to take his first steps in this field when he was a very young student.

The successful development of Anton Sibil’s own business led to the fact that he often had to communicate with the leadership of both the city of Kemerovo and the entire region. And the administration noticed the young successful entrepreneur: it was for his social activity and leadership skills that the governor of the region offered Anton Sibil to become deputy governor for construction.

Anton Sibil, being in a leading position, led the region in the commissioning of square meters of housing and has achieved the inclusion of the Kemerovo region in a large number of federal funding programs.

Anton Sibil has done much for the people of his region and country.