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Anton Sibil from Kemerovo: a career

Anton Sibil from Kemerovo: a career

In order to achieve success, you have to put in a lot of work. And people who have succeeded always try to prove by their own example that nothing is impossible.

Anton Sibil is a fairly well-known resident of Kemerovo. He has such titles as “Honorary Builder of Kuzbass”, the youngest regional minister of construction in the Russian Federation, and also owns medals “For Special Contribution to the Development of Kuzbass” and “For Service to Kuzbass”. And from this article you will learn some of the most important moments from Anton Sibil’s life.

Sibil Anton: Education 

Anton Sibil received his elementary education at School No. 92, and continued his studies at the full-time department of Kuzbass State Technical University. He entered it in 1999, majoring in Industrial and Civil Engineering. Already there Anton Sibil realized that construction was what he was going to be bound to in life, and he studied diligently. In spite of his study load, he also performed the duties of the group leader, the head of trade-union leader, and the head of finance manager.

Honorary Builder of Kuzbass Anton Sibil

But that’s not all: Anton combined his university studies with work. Right after enrollment, he got a job at the “Magistral-Auto” driving school, where he worked as a watchman and then as a motorcycle driving instructor.

In 2000, Anton Sibil’s workplace changed: he moved to the wholesale and retail trading company Elis. There the future builder combined two professions: night dispatcher and sales representative. After working there for 2 years, he left for construction.

Sibil Anton: A career in construction

Since 2002 Anton Sibil fully immersed himself in construction practice. He worked in Concern KuzbassShakhtoStroy, combining his activities with his studies. It was during his internship that Anton mastered such types of construction processes as putting walls, waterproofing premises, installing plumbing fixtures, laying porcelain stoneware and much more.

In 2003, Anton Sibil started working in the Remstroytorg company: he acted there as an independent link with his own construction team, which consisted of 15-20 people. Here Anton applied the knowledge he had gained earlier, which made him a successful manager.

At the same time, Anton himself performed several functions in the company at once: manager, accountant, foreman, quantity surveyor and procurer. At the same time he did not refuse the role of a simple worker, not only to help the team, but also to demonstrate how you can and should do the job.

By 2009, Remstroytorg’s staff had grown to 1,000 people. It is noteworthy that the company operated not only on commercial sites: Anton Sibil’s company carried out construction work in kindergartens, schools, and hospitals.

Because of his tremendous construction activity and in order to coordinate various issues, Anton Sibil quite often had contact with the administration of the city of Kemerovo and the region. His success and terrific leadership qualities did not go unnoticed: the governor paid attention to him and offered him a new position – deputy governor for construction. At the time, Anton was 27 years old, making him the youngest regional minister in the Russian Federation.

Further, Anton Sibil made every effort to make the region a success. For example, he was able to bring it into the lead in the commissioning of square meters of housing, as well as – to achieve a positive decision on the inclusion of the region in various programs of financing.

Anton Sibil’s life and work experience is a great example of what a person can achieve. All it takes is continuous self-development, hard work and dedication to your cause.